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Sawmill Creek

Our many design options also add to the appeal of Sawmill Creek wood garage doors, Carriage House garage doors and walk through garage doors. Both our garage and walk-through doors come in a wide assortment of styles, from curved and square tops, to v-grooved and beaded surfaces, to simple or elaborate window patterns that reflect the architectural design of your home. Whether you want your doors to blend subtly into your home's façade, or stand out and make a bold statement, you'll find a style that's a perfect look.

It all begins with the natural beauty of clear grade Western Red Cedar, known for its rich grain and warm palette that ranges from light amber to deep honey brown. Elegantly textured, this high quality wood speaks of prestige and pride of ownership. In addition to its good looks, Western Red Cedar contains natural oils that help preserve the wood for years to come.

Sawmill Creek complementing walk-through doors match your garage doors’ decorative trim boards, window patterns, and surface millwork adding functional architectural integrity to the exterior of your home. Featuring superior craftsmanship in a robust 2¼" thick design, Sawmill Creek walk-through doors are pre-hung for easy installation or retrofi t. Standard sizes include widths of 32," 36," and 42," and heights of 80," 84," and 96". 

Sawmill Creek Doors feature:

  • Clear grade Western Red Cedar which adds to the richness and look of the home.
  • Premium operating hardware for safer, trouble-free operation.
  • High quality 1 3/8" solid Douglas Fir frame that provides a stable base for the wood surface material (unlike steel). No finger joints.
  • Exclusive 5-year and 10-year limited warranty, twice as long as most manufacturers.
  • Construction with no exposed end grain, providing protection from rot by eliminating moisture build-up.
  • True window frame construction with multiple muntin options
  • 1 3/8" polystyrene insulation to help regulate garage temperature.
  • A wide assortment of styles from curved and square tops to v-grooved and beaded surfaces and more.

Additional options:

  • Patented simulated center post for double door
  • Prefinishing
  • Decorative hardware
  • Windload certification
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